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Do you have a puppy with housebreaking, chewing or nipping issues?
Does your dog pull you on walks?
Is your dog showing undesired behaviors?
Does your dog lunge, bark or growl when out on walks?
Does your dog panic when you leave the house?
Is your dog shy or even fearful of people?

I can help!




Are you at your wit’s end? Not sure where to turn to for help? Have you thought about giving up your dog?  Well, you have come to the right place! We will sit down with you for a one-on-one consultation and listen to you! Then we will come up with a realistic plan to help you though the emotional stress and behavioral issues.

Here at Pet Coach to the Rescue we specialize in private in-home training sessions covering everything from basic training to solving nuisance behaviors and small group classes for leash reactive dogs. Utilizing the most current and effective techniques available for dog training. At Pet Coach to the Rescue you will get personalized instructions on how to effectively and properly train your dog(s) using positive reinforcement training. Behaviors that are trained using positive reinforcement will have a positive lifelong effect on you, your dog, and that relationship. 

I look forward to working with you and your pets.
 Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT

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