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Tucker needs a new home
By: Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT ~ 3/20/2017

The longer that I work with dogs sometimes you come accross a dog who is very much loved but happens to be in the wrong home for them to thrive. This is no ones fault and it is not an easy decision to come to terms that what would be best for the dog is to find him the perfect home. In this case Tucker is 6 years old and in his 3rd home. I would love to find him his 4th and final home. He is a great dog but he is not a fan of small kids and needs someone with space and Golden Retriever knowledge.


Here is the letter from his current owners:

Hello humans,

My name is Tucker, or at least that’s what the humans call me. I am about 6 years old, and they say I am a Golden-Retriever mix, whatever that means.  I enjoy when humans feed me and pet me. My favorite past time is sitting on squishy couches with a human to lean against. Cuddling is the best thing ever. I also enjoy chasing those bouncy things, but every time I bring it back the human always throws it again. Also the best thing ever.

I currently live with two other dogs, my favorite is the other orange one. We play together almost every day. I have to deal with the two other four legged creatures, I believe they are called cats. They don’t like me too much, especially when I eat their tasty food. There are these winged things in the backyard, I believe they are called chickens, they smell funny, but are not fun to chase or play with. The human often gives me round eggs that she says comes from the chickens, those are my favorite things as well.

One thing I do not enjoy is hard slippery floors, they make me nervous. I prefer carpet for sure! I am looking for a new home where someone can play and cuddle with me. I am pretty athletic and would love to jog. I love to chase flies, and I am an accomplished fly catcher, or so I am told. Unfortunately this is my 3rd home, and I have not received the best training, I am working on it, treats are also my favorite thing, but sometimes I need reminders. Please consider me for your family, I am very sweet, or so I am told, and I have a lot of love to give. Thanks!


If you would like to know more about Tucker please email me at info@petcoachtotherescue


Pete & Maya: Where we came from
By: Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT ~ 11/26/2016

Everson eval dogs 2016.jpg


This is my story of Pete and Maya and where they came from.  As a volunteer for Northwest Boxer Rescue one of the many things that I do is evaluate dogs either at a shelter or from owner surrender. I knew this one was going to be different than any other ones that I have done. First, I knew that I needed an assistant and normally that assistant would consist of another non- reactive dog to see how well the owner surrender dog would do with another dog. Seeing that I was going in to evaluate multiple dogs I felt that it would be very unkind to bring a dog with me so instead I brought another volunteer with me. I was heading up north to evaluate 5 adult dogs and a litter of 8 puppies.

Upon my arrival, I knew that these people had a lot more dogs than we originally thought. Pictured above is just some of the dogs that I evaluated on that day. These dogs were living in a hording, backyard breeding situation where they were being inbred. During the temperament evaluation, these dogs were so frightened of being on leash, outside and of me that all I could do was see how long it would take for me to get close enough to pet them. Some of the dogs did a low growl, others just froze while one of them for 30+ min growled, lunged and barked at me before finally completely shutting down allowing me to get close enough to pet.

The following week me plus 2 other volunteers went to assist with starting transport of the 5 adult dogs and 6 of the puppies. Yes, that’s right 6 puppies not 8. They insisted on keeping a male and female from that litter. We are not animal control so there is nothing we could do about it. We just wanted to get as many of the dogs as we could out of this situation. We were surprised after loading up the dogs and puppies when the owner asked if we would also take Maya an American Bulldog and Pete another Boxer. Of course, we said yes. Problem was we as a rescue group did not have a foster home lined up for these two. But we were not going to leave them behind. So, we packed them in the back of Kim’s vehicle and headed back to my place.

Stay Tuned for what happened when we arrived at my home….