About the Owner and Trainer

ShawnaFamilyShotGallagher-013-6_0x9_6-29A_s.jpgShawna Gallagher:
Owner & Top Dog

Shawna Gallagher is the owner and lead trainer of Pet Coach to the Rescue. She opened up Pet Coach to the Rescue in March of 2013 in Everett, Washington. We are proud to serve Everett and the surrounding area with positive reinforcement training techniques like clicker training and Behavioral Adjustment Training.

Shawna has a passion for working with shelters and local rescues in helping dogs develop the skills needed to fit into today’s homes. She is currently working closely with the Great Pyrneese Rescue, guiding foster pet parents through training the dogs in their care and working with new pet parents who adopt one of these livestock guardian dogs.

Shawna graduated from Animal Behavior College in 2012 where she earned her certification as an ABC Certified Dog Trainer. This certification provided a formal education in canine behavior, its motives, and obedience training. She also completed an intensive internship at the Everett Animal Shelter, gaining invaluable knowledge about animal welfare and community outreach, as well as the ability to work with the numerous breeds and temperaments that passed through the shelter. 

Shawna currently resides in Everett, WA with her husband Dave, and their pets, a Great Dane/Boxer mix named Triton, Maya an American Bulldog and a Bengal mix cat named Stewie.




Triton is a 4 year old Great Dane mix that joined our family on September 17, 2013, we adopted him from PAWS.  Once he has completed basic training and improved on his socialization skills he will be my demo dog for classes and events. Check out Facebook  and my Blog page for regular updates on his training.





A 4 year old Bengal mix that is always full of energy and mischief.