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Empowering Your Dog - Solving Common Behavioral Problems
By: Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT ~ 5/3/2016


Hi Everyone! This is really exciting for me and I truly hope that you will join me for this seminar.  I realize that you may not know me or heard of me but don't let that stop you. My name is Shawna Gallagher and I am a positive, force free trainer specializing in dogs with reactivity, fear and aggression issues. I believe that dogs should have a say in their care and be a partner in our lives. 

Why am I coming to Portland? Simply, it is because of my work with Northwest Boxer Rescue and how many people I have helped over the phone that live in the greater Portland area. Plus I haven't been to Portland and it's about time I came down for a visit.

This seminar is been designed for those that voluntter/work with rescues, just adopted a dog, currently have a dog with behavioral issues or would just like to learn a different way of comunicating with your dog.

I bet your wondering what you will be learning.  

Training Techniques:

Clicker Training, Behavioral Adjustment Training, It's Your Choice Games, Mental Games


Food, Toys, Verbal, Life

About Dogs:

Body Language, How dogs communicate

Survival Skils - for the leash reactive dog

Find It, Emergency U-Turn, Touch, Watch Me, Look at That

We will be discussing how to solve some common problems that most dog owners face.

Loose Leash Walking, Wanting to Chase other animals on leash, Crate Training, House Breaking, Chewing, Separation Anxiety, Fence Fighting and more...

We also will be talking about Pet Nutriton by pawTree and how to deal with your stress by AdvoCare with Liz de Masi!



Register by May 16, 2016  for $99.00

Register after May 16,2016 $149.00