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Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT: My Training Approach
By: Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT ~ 4/3/2015

ShawnaProfilePic2015.jpgLast week I went with some friends to a networking meet and greet breakfast. I hadn't been to one in years and my experience had never been a good one. I have to say that I really enjoyed the light heartedness of this group. The one thing that stands out from my experience was when I was talking with my friend and she informed me that I would have to stand up in front of the group and tell everyone what it is that I do. While I love talking to people about what it is that I do, my experience with speaking in front of a bunch of people that I do not know is, well, basically I am very much out of practice. It is a good thing that it was a very friendly, supportive group.

This experience got me thinking, what if I was at this group and there was another trainer there? What is it about me and my approach that stands out? Why would someone choose me over the other trainer?

I would love to take a moment of your time and tell you a little about how I approach solving the issues you are facing.

With my past experiences in the retail management world I didn't get very far with, or desired performance from people by sugar coating or glossing over things. This was more of a disservice to everyone involved. I found that I was able to get the desired results when I was calm, straight forward and took into account the bigger picture. I also found great value in asking what their thought processing making the decision was. By having this approach I noticed that I gained respect and had employees that were not afraid of admitting mistakes because they knew that I would talk things out with them thus guiding them into making better decisions in the future. I bring this found knowledge to the dog training world and to you as loving pet owners. 

I take into account the issues you are having, dog(s) history, training goals, your family lifestyle, putting that all together coming up with a plan that will work and set you and you dog(s) up to succeed! You will find my approach is calm, straight forward, and easy to understand. I do my very best to give you all of the tools and knowledge necessary to either correct thee undesired behavior or confidence in managing the behavior. I find that once you get to a certain point in training that you are ready for practice in the real world. Without real world practice you can't expect for you to have or your dog to have the confidence in that particular situation. So I offer training sessions that I call "set ups" in order to practice a real world situation. I have a couple of awesome friends and clients that volunteer their time or their dogs' time, in order to help you succeed.

The other thing you can count on with me is that I will never sell or recommend you anything that you don't need. I don't promise quick fixes that I can't back up. You will find that I am calm, clear, straight forward, honest, and take into account the big picture. Lastly, if I don't have an answer for you I will first be up front and tell you that I don't know and then I will find you the answer.

My goal with every client is to bring balance to you and your dog(s) life setting everyone up to succeed.