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Understanding Your Dog's Fear & Aggression
By: Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT ~ 8/14/2015

Now Offering!

Understanding Your Dog's Fear & Aggression

A 2 hour private class

Having a dog that lunges, barks, growls or even bites can be a real challenge to handle. You either end up not taking the dog anywhere or you get up really early or stay up late in order to avoid when the majority of your neigbors are out walking their dogs. It can be very emotionally and physically draining.  

UnderstandingDogAggression.jpgThis is a 2 hour private class held in the comfort of your home to help you understand why your dog reacts aggressively to other dogs while on leash. Even if your dog is great with other dogs off leash. Whether it is growling, barking, lunging, biting, or any combination. You will learn why your dog is acting this way and ways to help your dog.

During the session you will learn what you can do to help your dog both indoors and outside of the home to prevent this behavior. You will also learn the basics of clicker training, introduction to leash handling skills and other equipment that can reduce reactivity and will help you with rehabbing your dog.

This private class which is required before registering your dog Rehab for Fear & Aggression I that will be held in Everett and Redmond areas.  Start date for the group class has not been finalized but should be starting either at the end of August or begining of September 2015.