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Morning Walk, by Triton
By: Shawna Gallagher - ABCDT ~ 6/6/2014

ssshhhh_s.jpgDon’t tell! But mom has been real busy lately so I took over for this week’s blog.


The morning started off with a quick game of tug before dad left for a thing called work. I curled up in bed with mom; this is the only time I’m allowed to do this something about how I take over the entire bed.


After cuddles, eating, and more cuddles it was time for our daily walk around the neighborhood. I prefer to call it checking the “pee mail” I don’t leave many comments but I do like to take my time reading.


What a gorgeous day for my morning stroll through the neighborhood so many awesome things happened. For one I think my name changed to “Knucklehead”, mom kept saying that word and looking at me and laughing. You need to have a sense of humor around me.

Everything was going great then I heard a Leaf blower and saw a signal to lie down, which I did. I wasn’t too far away from the noise and was given lots of goodies for staying put and watching. I really wanted to chase the leaves and kill that thing that was making all that noise. But the goodies won!


Then I walked by a couple of Scotties racing around and barking in their yard. Every time I looked at mom she gave me more goodies. So I decided not to lunge, bark and foam at the mouth. I had my bowtie on and that would not have been very gentlemanly. The goodies won again!


WOW!!! I then saw so many bunnies; I think that’s when my name changed. All I heard was “blah blah leave it blah blah knucklehead” over and over and over. I just wanted one, not sure what the problem would have been.



Finally we stopped under some trees so that I could calm down, and then I saw a family of geese, sticks, and cottonwood seeds floating around!  I wasn’t allowed to chase the geese either, very disappointing, so I played with a couple of sticks and ate a couple of cottonwood seeds.


When we finally got home my kitty was waiting for me. He jumped up and hugged my neck; he may have nipped at my collar so I slobbered all over him. It’s good to have friends.
Woof Woof,