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Triton’s “Wiggles” Beginnings
By: Wiggles ~ 9/19/2014

WOW I have been in my new home for a whole year now. How exciting is that!!! I’ve been through a lot in my first two years but personally I think I’ve hit the jack pot with this one. Here is my story so far.

The Beginning:
My new parents don’t know a whole lot about my first year and I don’t like to talk about it but I will tell you that I spent my puppy years on a balcony occasionally being allowed to come inside the only dogs that I was able to play with were my litter mates but that didn’t last long. Before I knew it I was the only one left and then one day animal control showed up and took me to PAWS in Lynnwood. I wasn’t too sure about this place; I ended up getting “fixed” and coming down with a nasty cold. While I was sick and really not feeling good a strange couple came by to look at me. They tried talking to me through the bars in my little room but I wasn’t feeling good and not really understanding what was going on. So, I just looked at them and curled up in a ball.  I was taken outside to play and this strange couple played ball with me and asked the staff a lot of questions. Well, let me tell you I can spot a good thing even when not feeling well. So I worked my magic by playing ball, running around wiggling I can practically fold myself in half, and tossing the swimming pool around. Somehow I had to let them know that I LOVE WATER!!!!! After some play time I went back to my room with the bars and took a long nap. The next day they came back and took me to my new home. If they only knew what they were getting into…

Arrival in the New Home:
When I arrived I was so excited that I could hardly contain myself. I was kept on a leash for a couple of days until I got comfortable with my new surroundings and realized that the cat was going to be my new play buddy, Stewie has sharp corners!  After about a week I was no longer sick and feeling really energetic! In this new home there was a lot that I was not familiar with and I am very curious about everything! Everyday things like the vacuum, hair dryer, blender, laser pointer, tin foil, brooms, mops, lawn mower, and the list goes on and on was all new to me. These things are very scary causing my ruff to come up and must be barked at for long periods!

A Year Later:
I have grown so much over the past year! I am very curious about everything and need to approach new things at my own pace.  I found out that I love kids; I tend to lean on them and knock them over from time to time. I am not sure about other dogs I tend to want them to keep their distance unless I have a stick in my mouth and they want to play a fast running game of tag! I get to go hiking and play in water falls, lakes, and rivers and once I went to the ocean that water doesn’t taste very good. Just in case you didn’t know that. Some of the things that Mom says I need to work on is meeting as many new people as possible so if you want to meet me just let me know. The other thing and I am not sure about this one is getting to know other dogs; I’m just not sure about this. Maybe if they knew how to box I might give it a try.

Birthday Celebrations:

What a cake! All for me?!!! This is Awesome!!!! While I get a doggie birthday cake all to myself I have talked to my Mom and together we are going to offer 25% all pre-paid training packages from September 19, 2014 ~ October 4, 2014.
PawSomeCake1_s.jpg  PawSomeCake2_s.jpg  PawSomeCake3_s.jpg

And a year later I know that this is my forever home and let the adventures continue!