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Socializing: Discovering Metal Bleachers
By: Wiggles ~ 3/27/2015

I just absolutley love getting to go out and about! There is so much to smell, see and hear, it's very EXCITING!!! I learn so much every time I get to go to new places. Mom doesn't let me run loose very often, but she has this cool long line that I wear so it feels like I'm running free. It's not that I would run off or anything I just get over excited if I run into another dog which I guess is kinda scary if you don't know me.

On one of the trips I explored a big metal thing which I was very curious about. It turned out to be metal bleachers, which was a bit scary at first. After a bit it was no big deal. Mom encourages me with lots of praise and some yummy treats along with allowing me to go at my own pace. This helps me build my confidence!



My mom says:

Socializing should continue throughout the dog's entire life span and include as many different people, places and things.

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica "Socialization, the process whereby an individual learns to adjust to a group (or society) and behave in a manner approved by the group (or society). According to most social scientists, socialization essentially represents the whole process of learning throughout the life course and is a central influence on the behavior, beliefs, and actions of adults as well as of children." 


I'm ready to go explore a new place, let's go!