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Bofur a Shy Guy
By: Shawna Gallagher - ABCDT ~ 2/27/2015

BofurShyGuy.jpgThere are times when working with people and their dogs that just stand out for me and this is one of those cases. When I first showed up for the initial consultation to see if I could help Bofur and his human parents. I was met with a puppy that would barely peak his head out from behind a chair and a couple that had been told by another trainer that there was no hope for their new puppy and the fear issues they were all facing.

As a trainer having to tell someone that there is not hope for the issues you and your dog are facing has got to be very hard. I am grateful that I have not run across a behavioral case where I am put in that situation.  I would encourage all of you to continue your search for a qualified trainer if this were to happen.

I invite you all to follow Bofur in his journey of becoming a more confident pup.
Here is the story of Bofur and how he got started in this world.

“Bofur was rescued from Homeward Bound Pet Rescue when he was 5 months old. Bofur and his litter mates were abandoned in a crate by the freeway. :( They were found sick, vomiting and not eating. They had parvo. He spent a lot of time in the pet hospital and was on a lot of medicine and IV fluids. When we adopted him he was very loving and sweet but soon found out that he had a severe fear of people. No one could come up to him. He would back away and hide. Even eye contact was threatening. He was very fearful and did not demonstrate any confidence or self-esteem."

As I’m writing this I have been working with Bofur and his parents for about a month and we have already seen huge improvements. Even though Bofur has not allowed me to pet him yet, he has taken treats out of my hand!

Just for fun!  Name the movie that has a character named Bofur in it.