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Bofur is overcoming his shyness
By: Shawna Gallagher, ABCDT ~ 5/7/2015

BofurwithCessna.jpgThere is nothing like experiencing the rewards of a job well done. 

Bofur has really come a long way since our first meeting back in February. There has been some ups and downs but thankfully more ups than downs. 

During this training session Bofur did show some signs of being stressed but the beautiful thing is that he has learned some coping skills. His owners have also learned a lot and know how to handle a situation where he feels uncomfortable and that goes a long way in filling the trust bucket. I am looking forward to continue guiding Bofur and his owners in making him the best dog he can be.

Please enjoy this short video of Bofur greeting strangers and socializing with Cessna who is also a client. 



If you have a dog that is fearful the best advice that I can give you is to not force your dog into any situation that is scary. The best reward for a fearful dog is to walk away from whatever is making them uncomfortable. I would also highly recommend that you contact a local force free trainer to help you understand what your dog is going through and how to best handle the situation. 



Until next time, Have Fun Training!