Pet Coach to the Rescue Serving Pet Nutrition


pawtreepromise_s.jpgBefore I became a dog trainer, I was working as a health and wellness nutrition manager for several different companies over many years. Even after leaving the retail world in order to follow my passion for working with pets and their owners, I knew at some point I would integrate these two passions together.  Several months ago, I was introduced to pawTree. I went to work, researching them out, asking tons of questions regarding sourcing, manufacturing, formulations and business practices. I finally walked away thinking, “WOW”, this is a great company that gets it! Like many of you, I was getting frustrated by all of the dog food recalls. It was getting to the point I didn’t have faith in any of the dog food that I could find on retail shelves. I even looked into what it would take to cook Triton’s food or feed him raw. These are great options if you have the time, understanding of ratios, portions and have the stomach for raw.

I am so grateful that I found pawTree, not only for Triton, but I have the ability to share it with all of you. So, what is pawTree? Very simply, it is a customized pet nutrition company for your pet. Taking all of the guess work out of what to feed and making it easier for you to care for your dog, PawTree dog food is real food. It is minimally process, natural, holistic, delivered to your door, made in the USA and 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

It gives me a great sense of satisfaction that I can help you with not only any behavioral issues you are facing but I can now, with confidence, recommend a great pet food for you dog as well.